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Putnam Lathe on Craigslist

I have its twin in my shop. A 14" swing machine dating from approximately 1884, I saved it from being junked by a museum years ago. It's sitting against the wall opposite my 1920 Hendey 16".

The Putnam still had decent original paint and the ways, although mildly pitted, were actually quite good. I machined a back plate and installed a 4 jaw chuck then found the biggest surprise...... it was still accurate! It's a bit limited with no compound rest and the lead screw is at the REAR of the bed, but otherwise perfectly usable. If you're not in a big hurry it still does a nice job.

The seller is dreaming however, as old lathes are a bit of a drudge on the market. I'm a member of an antique machine tool website and the most anyone would pay for that is perhaps $250.......and that's if the seller helps load it!