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Rebuilding Fairbanks Morse Headless Ignitor

Bob Johnson

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I am in the process of trying to rebuild my Fairbanks headless Igniter. When I took the stationary terminal out there was a insulating plug around it on the inside which was in two pieces apparently broken. I did reinstall both pieces as I had nothing to replace the part with. Is there some material I could make this broken piece from that would be able to withstand the heat? The engine will run with the ignitor as is but after running 10 - 15 minutes it wills stop. It really sounds as though it runs out of gas. The tank is new, and I did clean the check valve thoroughly. I have installed new rings with .0013 end clearance for a 3 1/4" bore. The rings have not seated as yet as when the engine is running I get a certain amount of blue smoke. The valves were ground. Right now I am running on Low tension coil and battery until I can get the magneto timed and some of these other problems cured. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Bob Out west on the high Desert

Heller D. Davis

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Bob, you can get the ignitor tubes from several of the sponsers here on Harry's. Lee Pedersen, StarBolt and others. They also have the washers that go with the tube.