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Red jacket piston pump wanting to rebuild


When I was a kid my Dad used this pump to pump water from our creek to our garden every summer. I recently found and dug it out of the brush near the creek behind my house. Any information I can get will be great. I have already disassembled it and looks like I just need to get new Leather cups for the piston head. Does any one know what weight of oil it was supposed to run? What color it would have been originally? I also have a question that maybe people who are into pre electric could answer. I want to try to run this off a water wheel is there a way to kick the drive in and out based on water pressure or a pop off before a pressure tank to let the water just flow back to the creek when it gets to around 40 psi? I think my dad had a 20/40 electric pressure switch on it before.

Thanks for any information
David Hacke
Kelso Wa


Andy Williams

i think 30wt. motor oil is fine. i think they were red or red and green, i have seen one powered by a waterwheel but it just pumped all the time. it would be complicated but you would need an electromagnet or relay hooked to the pressure switch similar to the air conditioner clutch on older cars. good luck