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Reid Oilfield Engine CK


Years ago I purchased an oilfield Reid engine. It is a CK13 1/4 by 16, serial no. 19406. Apparently it's a 1937. When I got it home, there was no connection rod, but the engine was mostly complete. Apparently the oil company had taken the rod out and belted the engine up to a Minneapolis engine to run the turntable. I need information on length of the rod so I can build one, also I would like to find book for it. The engine does not have a charging cylinder like most Reids. I am looking for any information available.


Andrew Mackey

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Did you get the engine off the field? if so, the con rod may still be there in the ground! If the site is still there, it may pay to go back and check the area with a metal detector. You never know -it may still be there!