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Repair/ modification on a 30SK-18R


Got to do some repair on my SK, it's developing a crack in the exhaust manifold, and don`t have a spare. Being a Mopar nut, I have some options... I have a complete Super-Six factory 2bbl int/exh setup I'm considering using. From the wild side - I also have a complete factory Hyper-Pak 4 bbl setup, I'm probably never going to use anywhere as I'm more a 440 kind of guy. I have a decent stash of Impco mixers, 1, 2 and 4bbl types to work w/. I want to keep this Tri-fuel.

I also want to dump the propeller on the front of the engine, most of the noise from the unit comes from it. I want to R/R the mech unit w/ a 12v electric unit, w/ a custom 2 stage controller that I build/use on all my vehicles ( I run Ford 2 spd Taurus/Lincoln fans on everything but my Jeeps, (they won't fit those), common and cheap in the wrecking yards, quiet too).

One last upgrade: R/R alt setup to a 90-120 amp modern Denso unit. They charge better at low rpm and are very common in wrecking yards. I use these as an upgrade on my vintage Mopar toys and for clients rides, they work great.

len k

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Noise......Could try reducing angle of fan blades. If they used same fan as from a car the angle of attack for fan to air would be different in still air vs car doing 60 mph.