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Hello, My name is Lawrence and i have joined to continue my research of a Rider Ericsson hot airpumping engine that has been in the family since 1903 when it was purchased new to provide water to my Great grand fathers farm. It is in perfect condition and has lots of brass parts. It last was in operation in 1941. Serial #20636. I have attached some photos.
Could someone please tell me where this was built. What other applications it might have had, and does it have value as an antique.
Thank you, Lawrence


Mike Monnier

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Lawrence, these engines were built primarily for pumping water. Most of these engines were used to pump water into an overhead holding tank to be gravity fed back to plumbing fixtures in the house. They rely on cold water from a well or spring to keep the engine cool in operation. "Show" engines with a closed loop cooling system lose power as the water gets warm. The engine definitely has value as an antique and several people collect these old engines.

Brent Rowell

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Hi Lawrence,
Thanks for providing the information about your engine. I am maintaining a database of known Ericsson engines, and each addition to the list helps date others. As Mike said, they were only used for pumping water, and usually pumped to a tank in an upper floor of a building or home. The engine was made in Walden, NY where the old factory building still stands.

There are very few photos of these engines in their original locations. Do you have any old photos of the engine still in place where it was originally located on the farm? Also, can you double check the 1903 date--as far as we know the REECO trademark was not introduced until after 1907 or shotly thereafter.

Thanks again.


Thanks for the info. As for the 1903 date i spoke with my dad last night and the date cannot be confirmed. None of the original documents that he has are dated.He believes that has always been the assumed date of purchase by his Grand Father.1907 may very well be correct.I have added a few more pics, one showing it's original location with the well head viseble on the lower right

We would like to sell this pump. What would be the best avenue to accomplish this ?


Hi, Lawrence,
In volume 8 of the series of booklets "Alte Heissluftmaschinen / Vintage Hot-Air Engines" you will find a long listing of serial numbers of Ericsson's pumping engines. A few prices are mentioned additionally.
Try to find a copy of the booklet (it's sold out since years) or send me an email and you will get a pdf of page 139.


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