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Rigging a 44,000# Hydro Generator into our Powerhouse

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Re: Rigging a 44,000# hydro generator into our powerhouse

I can say Thank You without seeing more than the thumbnail page! :D Now off to go look !!! fun fun Fun


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Hi Guys:

Thought you might like to see how we rigged our large hydrogenerator into our powerhouse with no overhead crane (the hard way!!!)



Bill Fay

Edit note: Once you click the first picture, there is an arrow > at the top of the photo that will take you to the next one.
I used to work on hydros under Paul Echoff and Bill Munch in eastern NY. Those were the good old days. My engineering career has taken me in to this century with particle physics. I like hydro, but that was pioneered when we all believed the earth was still flat.