Rolla, MO June 30 Auction Postponed

Brenda S

I just received a phone call from the lady at Nordwald Auctions. She wants to spread the word that the Auction at Rolla, Missouri June 30th has been postponed. It is the Memoryville USA auction which had a locomotive and 1900 Case steam engine listed, among other items. They are trying to set a date for the fall. There will be more information coming then. If you have any questions, their website is That is all I know about it, she asked how she could get the word out to people, so I volunteered to post it on here for her. If you know of anyone planning to go, let them know it will not be held June 30th.
Brenda S :shrug:

Beth V

Thanks Brenda,

While the delay may be costly, it may also be beneficial. Their listing information needs good scrubbing....;)

Are you & Mickey going?