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Ronny N Hopper Shapes and Designs

Scotty 2

Hello all
That nice Rob S fella knows we like weird stuff and found me an interesting hopper for a Ronny N the other day. It has a mount with 3 bolts to mount something on the hopper. We both thought pump but thinking about it there's only 3 bolts and in a triangle configuration.
Anyone know what's supposed to be bolted up on this hopper?

Please add other Ronny N hopper designs like the International H (Ideal) hoppers etc.

Cheers and ta


Inter Bloke

I don't know if it was "standard", but I remember seeing a portable shearing plant at a clearing sale about 30 years ago that had the grinder mounted on the back of the hopper !

Inter Bloke

Yep ! The one I saw was definitely like that, with the grinder mounted to the rear !

I suppose there is no reason why a different maker couldn't design a plant with the grinder mounted above the engine but I haven't seen one that way !

By the way, when I first answered I couldn't see the photo either or I probably would have noticed it faced the front.
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