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Rookie with IHC M magy Question


Hi all just a follow up on the progress of the 3hp M.
Took the head to a head service company down here and the guys had no idea what I was showing them ! had never seen anything like it. So the bad news came, valves guides RS need new ones but they don't have anything, valevs also RS I would have to get new S/S blanks for them as they wanted a small fortune, in the end it was going to cost as much as it would to buy a reconditioned engine.
Plan B contact RobS and bought a second hand head in good condition. Then by chance saw an ad in TOMMs for Bill's Motor Parts, contacted him and went for a short drive down to his place with the new and old heads, after a little while searching we came up with 2 new S/S valves that will only need lapping in. He suggested checking rings whilst the head is off.
Also statred a new transporter, see pics.
Had a call from a friend in Dubbo, he repairs windmills, and he wants me over there with the trailer as he has picked up a couple of jacking pumps for me, so sometime soon Dobbo is off to Dubbo 😁
Anyway hope you all had a nice Chrissy and all the best for the New Year.
Cheers Dobbo


nice work, thanks for sharing.

from trying to find size of transport wheels by scaling wheels compared to flywheels on the few pics available online 10 years ago,
i also found 9 inch to be closest guestimate, it took ages to find 9 inch heavy pipe for cheap.
it turned up when looking for car parts at a wreckers, there were set of 4 truck air suspension cylinders recently removed which looked about right, sure enough near perfect.

only 2 were available, i wanted to make rims a bit wider than normal to travel better over sand as found too often around here, so could only get 3 rims per cylinder. to make cast-look spokes i sliced 3-sided/3-ribbed/3-flanged/T-section lengths out of lightweight I-beam, its all just a drum of components now, have not welded any together yet, i got hijacked by Howards... and the motor is still missing a few bits, eg head, carby, fuel pump, and other parts will need remaking also. it was only a parts hulk when i got it, but it was/is/will-be a great motor!
note that i am not sure if truck wreckers would sell these parts cheap, i got them cheap from a car wreckers,
he was given them as scrap because they were old ones replaced by new units, so maybe truck service places could be a source.
cheers Rod.