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Rs1 magneto problems


Went to start my 4hp Ronny n type today couldn't get him to kick grabbed hold of the spark plug lead and only got a small tingle while cranking it would that be the condenser she hasn't been started for quite a while also where can i buy a condenser in QLD cheers ken

Scotty 2

Hello Ken.
It could be a number of things. Condenser, coil or just dirty points.
Start at the basics by cleaning and adjust points. 12 tho isn't it?

Do you have a reasonably good multimeter? If so measure the HT side of the coil. That's from a good grounding to where the spark comes out of the coil. Take the cap off first.

Cheers Scott


I set my RS1 points to 0.015" on the Buzacott but cleaning and gapping is very inportant. If you have a multi-meter also test continuity of the HT lead from the contact inside the cap to the connector on the end of the lead. with condensors I think a Holden style one from Bosch a GL106I think will work inside or better still a film capacitor from the local electronic shop / jaycar. After these simple items then its time to test the coil as Scotty suggests.