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Running Onan Generator from JXQ-10 Chinese Gasifier on Wood Chips, First test

Pete Spaco

On Saturday, June 19, 2011, I ran my first test of Using the Chinese JXQ-10 gasifier on wood chips to power my Onan 6.5 NH generator. The fuel was wood chips. I managed to get an electriacal output of about 3.9KW from the generator for about 12 minutes during the test.
I am looking for other owners of the JXQ-10 gasifier to correspond with to share experiences.

The results can be seen at:

and I have a 10 minute youtube video of that run at:

Pete Stanaitis


Interesting idea but as you found out not easy for homeowner to do reliably.
Just break down the wood straw leaves fuel with heat pressure and zeolite catalyst into pure gasoline. then everyone can use it in liquid form.

Still we are not running out of oil ever as it is not all fossil fuel. It is mostly abiotic in origin. I have read that all the oil we have drawn out exceeds by a large amount the biology required to have made it. And I have read that coal is oil that carbonized.

A lot of mixing has gone on deep in the earth with sediments and fossils and abiotic oil and heat, pressures, steam, calcium carbonate and iron as a catalyst.