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Rural King (Tool Shed And King Craft) Honda Clone generators

Rodney Dawn

New member
As clones go these seem to be some of the better units, as I have found out. Just wanted to let everyone know that this brand is something to watch for when shopping for clones.

Tested Tool Shed SG6500E, GX390 clone, compression is a little higher than genuine GX390. brushes need replaced after about 6000 hours, but are readily avalible, any clone brushes will fit. this unit has 9731 on the hour meter and still fires right off. granted it has had a proper break in, MOS2 in oil, magnets in drainplugs and changed oil every 96 hours but still, that's a LOT of hours for a clone.
Very impressive governor response for a clone, almost as snappy at picking up load shifts as a genuine EM6500, and the slight compression increase is noticeable in handling large surge loads. output is very clean, not quite as clean as EM6500 but close. would be a good companion to use during mantinence cycles for either a EU6500is or EU7000is (with load management) as well as a backup for the EM6500 it was cloned after.

Tool Shed SG4000
Gx200 clone
Still testing longevity but currently has 4702 on the hour meter. Strong governor response and clean output for a clone. this is a great companion for a EU3000is for mantinence cycles.

all engines have been given the same break in, MOS2, and magnets, frequent oil changes.

KingCraft 6500
Gx390 clone, generator is a clone of the EB6500
No built-in hour meter, but added a plug in 120v one upon purchase. 1183 on meter, and still running strong. Had a minor issue with choke direction sticker being backwards, otherwise good. Nice waveform but AVR needs adjusted to 125v no load to hold 120v @4500w

KingCraft 2000
Gx120 clone
2 gallon tank
no hour meter but added plug in type
only have 840 hours on it currently but the only issue it has had was a weak plug from the factory, replaced and no other issues yet. Waveform is nice, but governor is a tad soft, needing to be set 62.5 and avr 122v no load to get 60.0/120.0 @750w load

Tool Shed 2000w (1200w cont)
Gx120 clone
1.7 gallon tank
no included hour meter, but using plug in type.
Currently 881 on the meter, so longevity yet to be determined. Very clean power output up to around 900w, then THD starts to go up and Hz is 59 at 1000w, 117v
58.5@116v at 1200w rated load, havent tried the full surge capacity but it started a decent sized window ac unit (surge to 1671 then settled in to 803 running, you could definately hear the engine struggle to pick up the load, but it did it, and smoothed out nice under the 803w run load of the AC unit 60.0/120.03v
Sips fuel, and very quiet for the price point. at $149.99 it is a great companion generator to have alongside a Honda inverter to use while doing mantinence on the Honda. Pair with an EU2000i/is or EU2200i/is as both can handle roughly the same loads.

all have been tested in an off-grid environment, and bearing in mind the cheap chinese construction, these seem to be some of the better clones.

These engines were run entirely on cheap Harvest King 15w-40 oil , had MOS2 powder added after break-in (48 total hours varying loads), and magnets in drainplugs. MOS2 re applied after every 2000 hours. not expensive synthetic oil..I save the synthetic for my genuine Hondas.


Some of those Chinese generators are pretty good at a cheap price and last quite a while and run smooth and quiet. They've made flat head generators from the 70's-90's even in great shape pretty much worthless to sell over $100.00 because people would rather pay a few hundred more and get something much more user friendly.

Rodney Dawn

New member
Yeah that has been my experience as well. some companies are better than others at having good ones, but with good maintenence they are hard to beat for the price.
I like using them as a companion to a more expensive Honda, as in an off grid enviornment you need something to run while doing maintenence on your main generator.

The SG6500 is the one I've had the longest, as it was purchased alongside an EM6500 (EM6500 has over 13k hours on it and I just finished rebuilding it as it was using a bit of oil when I replaced it with a EU7000is ) Still using the tool shed SG6500 during maintenence cycles on the EU7000is just like I did for the EM6500. It still surprises me how good some of these clones are, when maintained properly. I have plenty of spare generators so I am waiting to see how many hours it will go before it starts showing signs of needing rebuilt. right now it still fires right up, no fuss, and happily takes the load when I flip the transfer switch to switch from the EU7000is to the tool shed SG6500 as it always has. (no utility power at all, so switch is to switch between primary generator and backup for maintenence cycles)