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Russell Newbery D2 Engine


Has anyone come across Russell Newbery diesel engines in Australia?
I have just acquired this Model D2, 18bhp @ 1000rpm, coupled to a Reavell compressor of unknown application.
Both units are seized, so it will be a lot of work to get it going.
The main application for these engines is for marine use, in particular in narrow boats in UK canals.


Oil Power

An interesting engine. Russell Newbery engines were sold in Australia. The firm I worked for in the 1950s purchased a quantity of old stock spare parts from a defunct agent. It is reputed that Ronaldson Tippett copied a Russell Newbery engine when they designed their CV diesel engine. I have a much used instruction book for the E and EM series engines of 3,4 & 6 cylinders.


The R-N Register in UK has two members in Australia, neither with my particular model of engine. The D type came in 1, 2 and 3 cylinder versions.
I will have to remove various external accessories including the governor, in the hope of finding where it is seized. The fuel pump tappets are stuck for a start.
It is interesting you say they were sold here. There must have been an agent, so I will do some searching on Trove to see what I come up with. Ian