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RUUD 20KW with bad regulator


I've been reading a lot of posts but cannot find one that fits my issue. Perhaps someone here would have some experience / advise? I'm working on a friends RUUD 20KW generator. Briggs and Stratton air cooled unit approximately 12 years old. Troubleshooting tests confirm that the $200.00 regulator is bad AGAIN. I tried an aftermarket AVR"GB160" that appeared to be a good fit but after receiving it and installing it, it would not work. Perhaps it was a wrong application or just bad? The generator starts and then goes into a "low voltage shutdown". Question: does anyone know of another aftermarket AVR that would work on this generator?
240 volt ac, single phase, 60 cycle, 20 kw, lp / gasoline, BRUSH TYPE generator. I can supply a schematic of the original avr wiring if it would help?
Thanks for any help,
Greg Fox

Birken Vogt

Briggs seem to be built to a price point below the competition. Some things just are not worth spending a lot of time and money on.