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S14D questions

Ken Karrow

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I have aquired a generator with a S14D, spec 336349, serial 5185766 on it and it has had some questionable repairs but I think the engine is solid but I want to see it run right before getting into the generator part. It will start and run and little (10-20 sec) then quit. I cleaned the carb and got it up to that. It is governed at 1800 rpm and has battery ignition. The points were set at .007 and I have reset at .020. Is this correct? Also got new plug and set .025, same question. It had a coil on it labeled 6v, no resistor required, it is set up for 12v so I have put on an old Mopar 12v coil with Mopar resistor. New plug and replacement of coil are since last trial. Waiting for a little warmer to take it outside to try. When it was trying it without point cover there was lots of arcing at points, does this mean I need to replace points and condenser? don't recall running anything else with points cover off. Also I would not be opposed to knowing initial card settings with Bendix-Zenith carb #13567. It was pretty clean inside. I'm running gravity flow on fuel, it has an electric pump added but I have it out of the system. My books on Wisconsin are all too old to cover this. I would like to get the engine right before going any further because I'm in light enough that I can recover what I have in it at the metal yard or get a good running engine and still get what I have it it by scrapping the gen end if it comes to that but I would like to have another 1800 rpm genny. This is a 3.5 kw 110/220 unit. Any other comments welcome. Thanks in advance. Ken


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As long as it is old enough and good enough that it is 1800 rpm, there should be zero consideration of destroying any part of it (scrap). Pretty much the same goes for anything actually made in America. Stuff like that will never be made again. All that’s left is all there will ever be. That’s the beauty of this site. It exists to preserve good old stuff.

As I was reading, I was thinking ignition condenser, and when you said the points were sparking, you confirmed it. Definitely try a new condenser. :brows:



The points on the S-14D are gapped 0.020" and the sparkplug is gapped 0.030". If you are getting a lot of arcing between the points, either the condenser is bad, or more likely the points are dirty, pitted or not parallel to one another.



Same as the old automotive ignitions.
Periodic points and condenser replacement was SOP.
Have to be careful not to leave the ignition on when the engine is not running, or the battery will drain through the points and burn them up.