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Samson Trucks


Hi im looking for any info on these trucks, i might be picking one up and was told its a 1916? thanks.

Bud Tierney

Well, maybe and maybe not...
First check your spelling: there was a Sampson and a Samson.
The next problem is that Mroz's truck book says the Sampson was built 1905-12, while the Samson was built 1920-23.
Maybe you got a half-and half and they averaged the age LOL!
Auto Qtly's book basically agrees: Sampson 1907-13 and Samson 1920-22.
The Samson was built by Samson Tractor, GM's foray into the tractor business.
If you're sure which one you have, post, and I'll see what I have, but it won't be much.
If you're close to a public library, they should have a reference copy of either Mroz's (US trucks) or Georgano's (World) truck books; Sampson has a nice writeup but Samson is little more than a thumbnail.

Bud Tierney

Mroz says two Samson trucks were built:
(1) a 3/4 ton with Chev 490 engine;
a 30 McCord catalog says "Chev 4 (cyl) Passenger. Models 490,Superior F-FA-FB-K 1916-28 311/16x4. Apparently there were changes in this engine from 1916-28 as three different head gaskets are shown.
(2) a 11/4 ton with Chev FB engine. But according to the above the 490 and FB used the same engine (??).
The McCord also shows a "Samson Power" truck, three models, 31/2 to 5 ton, using a Cont B2 engine (a 4cyl 43/4x6); this truck, whatever it was, doesn't show in Mroz or AQtly's books, and I haven't found it in the parts catalogs I've indexed.
In that catalog, under the Cont B2 listing lumped in with B5 and B7) it shows a number of trucks the B engines were used in, and on the list (alphabetical) is "Samsom, Power 31/2-5 ton" (with the comma after Samson, which is NOT in the "Samson Power" listing.
Designed for farm use, it may have odd cleated rims for field work. Mroz calls it successful, but shut off when Samson tractors were terminated. Mroz has a pic with same radiator and open boywork.
You'll probably have to go to a Chev site to find out about the engine (s) unless you repost the engine question here.

Bud Tierney

Apparently at a GM factory or factories at Janesville, Wisc.
AQtly doesn't give a street address, just "Samson Tractor Company, Div. Gen Mtrs Co., Janesville, WI".
Mroz says "Janesville Wisconsin factory converted over to Chev assembly when GM executives realized Samson tractors could not compete with Fordson. The successful Samson trucks were discontinued at the same time in 1923".
There was also a Samson "farm car" (convertible into a pickup) that was advertised but never produced, other than a prototype; it's write-up just refers to Janesville, so I can't tell if the tractors or trucks were produced in the same factory, or whether there were two factories, one for tractors and another for trucks.

Kent McMakin

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Bud, The Samson trucks and tractors were built in the same assembly plant in Janesville. The tractor venture was halted but the trucks were still selling. The Janesville plant was the oldest facility that GM operated until about 2008 when it was permanantly closed during the big shake-up.