San Francisco Atlas Engine


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Hi everyone,

A friend of mine asked me to post the following photos and find out anything I can about this engine. It is an Atlas engine built in San Francisco, it has a vertical sideshaft, ignighter, and brass flyball governor (great combination if you ask me).

Any info about the company, engine, or others existing would be great.

Sorry for the poor quality of the photos



Good morning Andy,

Your friend has a nice running engine.

I know that there is currently a twin cylinder like your friends engine under reconstruction in Northwest Washington.
I do have a picture but it is on my phone and honestly I need a little help to get it posted here.

I think that I have access to literature of that engine, I will see if I can get my hands on it and get you a copy.

Hello Andy,
I was able to have my Daughter help me with the scanner this morning.
This is all that is in the catalog that I have on the single cylinder engine. Sorry about the poor quality.
Please keep us posted.
A nice video of it running would be wonderful.
Thanks Matt

Maybe there is someone who can enlarge it so we can see it?


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Thanks for the replies!
At some point I will post a video of the engine, however, don't hold your breath. It lives a few hundred miles away from me.



not trying to hijack the thread here but, did atlas make an engine similar to an Ajax oilfield engine (the 2 stroke later ones from the 50's and 60s)? I seem to recall seeing one on a unit at one time but im not too sure now as I cant find a picture of one.


here's a 4 cylinder 50 hp

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I'm not a super historian but I believe sometime in the early teens Atlas moved to Oakland CA and became Atlas - Imperial where the made mostly marine diesels like this one...



Both Atlas and Imperial made winch setups powered by their gas engines, so did Union. I would bet that engine is from a Atlas "donkey" winch. Atlas Imperial may have done so too, since they continued to make gas engines into the late 20s or early 30s. There was an Atlas Imperial gas M&B engine up north that was built up from spares by Atlas Imperial in the mid 1930s as a special order after they had stopped making gas engines, so I was told by someone familiar with the engine and its history.

Interesting how Atlas had fully enclosed valve gear, but Atlas Imperial stayed with open rockers and pushrods on their gas engines. Presumably that's what the market wanted; easy to see and lubricate.

I'd like to hear from anyone who as a gas Atlas Imperial engine so we can share info.

I have parts of an Atlas single marine of about 6" bore, if anyone is restoring a hulk.


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Hello imotorhead64,
I know its been 5 years but that doesn't seem very long when you're working on 100 year old stuff. I'm in the process of resurrecting a 4 cylinder gasoline engine just like the one you posted pictures of back in 2014. I would like to know where that engine is and if its still there. I need governor parts or really good pictures of them. Do you have access to it?
Thanks in advance for your help,