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Sattley, Alamo, Wolverine, or What do you Think??

Roger D. Green

Sattley, Alamo, Wolverine, or What do you Think??
I just picked this engine up Saturday 1/4/06. :D It was in a basement in Burlingame CA.
When I first looked at it I thought it was a Sattley, after looking at it more I thought it was an Alamo. Now I need you help!!!
The engine is red under all that dirt and grease, the tag is missing, but it was on top of the hopper in front of the opening. It has a 4" bore, 6" stroke, the flywheel diameters are 22 1/2". Casting marks are HH39 on the flywheel spoke, HH22 on the governor arm, HH73 on the muffler. The head has four bolts, the crank is 1 7/16" dia. The decals are gone (someone scratched on the decal, not me), the one shows maybe a shield, and on the other side it looks like a gothic P or S. The mixer/carb looks to have been broken off and repaired.
So what do you think?:confused:
If you have any pictures or info please shoot me a copy.



Bill Brock

Hi Roger, I have a 5 horse Sattley, The tag says made by Montgomery Ward. I had heard that Field-Brundage made them for Wards. I called Ed at Hit & Miss and he told me that if the casting numbers started with double letters " HH '" in your case, mine was " CC " that it was a Field-Brundage, which also built the Wolverine. The rocker arm and pushrod are exactly like mine. The flywheels look to be the same design except for the governor, Mine has a gear driven governor and is throttle governed ,Built in 1918, on page 317 of Wendel's book.
Hope this helps, Bill


Definatly a Sattley or a field brundage I have a five horse setting in my garage looks just like it. nice find . PS does any body know if there is a serial number or casting day on the block anywhere as mine is missing the serial number tag Thanks Kris

Dan Baalman

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Its a Field brundage built Sattley. The Wolverine type W eninges had the tag on the front of the hopper. Wolverine engines are rather scarce.