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Saw Days in our area

Ted Knack

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Sept. 28th was saw day with my 80 Case.The weather was very iffy but we decided to try it.When we finished half of the logs It started to rain and we decided to just keep sawing and have lunch after we finished the logs.By which time I was soaked and looked just like I came out of the Washing Machine.Kenny was making Fence post of 6x6 and 8x8s.3 young fellows were carry off the Fence Posts to b e put on my trailer.Kenny had a awfull look from those 3 guys when for fun he sent the 12 1/4x 12.1/4 log to them .Then took it back and made 6x6s.No Pictures because of the rain.Last Sat. we were at the Ron Trielstead farm for Bud Budinski show.Had good weather and they were able to Saw lumber and Thresh.Also had the Port on the Baker fan cooking a pork roast.You cannot believe the comroderie that goes on when this group gets together.From burning Case wood in the Mlps And adding some rubber for smoke effect like in the movies.All had a good time and the food was really good. And the deserts.There was many pictures taken,but in a hurry to get going I left the camera home.I would just like to mention that there was a young fellow maybe 17 that was running Buds Advance threshing.Rodger Byrne said he was helping this young man for 2 years and it really showed that Rodger was doing a good job Teaching him. We need more of this with young people to get them started in the Hobby.Well Bud Budinski is 95 years old but you wouldn't know it.Its sad that the season is over but it ended in a good place and Thanks Bud and Ron.
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Thanks for your report on Bud and Ron's playday. I put a picture of Troy on, who was in charge of Bud's Advance. I had the pleasure of driving Roger's 1927 Model T Touring Car down the highway several miles to the subdivision where Troy lived, when visiting Roger three summers ago. Troy is a sharp kid who is interested in learning proper things about yesteryear's old iron and he's a very blessed young man for having Roger Byrne's front and center attention when learning from what Roger has stored in his "hard drive." Roger is a gas engine owner's dream to have around, for the cantankerous old engines that always stop running when I lay my hand on a magneto or mixer. They compliment each other. Roger keeps Troy informed and Troy keeps Roger young. And I KNOW, Roger doesn't turn Troy loose on something unless he (Roger) knows Troy has "got it." We all need to take time to help out young people who want to keep the legacy going, of those that proceeded us, and like we wanted to do back then. Gary;)

And Ted, you said Bud is 95 years old? My mom would have been 100 years old today.