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Sawyer Massey Steam Engines

David Stirk

I think it is a photograph from the Muir family. This shot is of Stuart and his daughter from the house in Paisley.
Did you know the Muir family by chance?. The history on this engine prior to Stuart originally restoring it seems non existent. I have asked many people over 30 years but no one sees to know.

Jeff Dudgeon

Yes I know them. Stuart was my great uncle. When I was a kid I had a ride on their smaller engine. I always enjoyed watching Birthday operate the 20hp engine at Blyth. You did an excellent job on the restoration of the 68hp engine! It runs very well with uniform stack sounds. I bet it is a good firing engine when plowing. I keep an eye out for info on where the 68 hp engine came from. It is a wonder that there are no pictures of it when it was out west? Someone must know who put the added length to the smoke box. That feature makes that engine easy to spot in pictures.


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Probably nobody I know anyway, but I just noticed that there seems to be an "elf" hiding behind the stack on the December photo (a 76HP SM at Ontario Steam Heritage Museum) of the 2019 E&E Steam Calendar. Perhaps an "elf on the shelf?"
The year is ticking down.....nobody wants to claim being the "elf on the shelf?"