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Scheduled State of Ohio Historical Boiler Licensing Course 4/6/19 Dover, Ohio


The following course is a requirement by the State of Ohio to obtain a Historical Boiler Operators License.

Scheduled Historical Boiler Licensing Course for the following dates:

The Boss Steam School
Historical Boiler Licensing Course
Date: 4/6/19 and tentative test date 4/7/19 at :

Buehlers Fresh Foods Community Room
3000 N Wooster Ave
Dover, Ohio 44622

$75 includes presentation booklet. This required course is an 8 hour presentation and sample test review. Time 8-5 pm. Upon completion of the course you will receive a certificate of completion. We are planning a boiler inspector to administer the test on 4/7/19 in the am. A test can be scheduled anytime by contacting a boiler inspector directly. Successful completion of an approved course is required for attaining the Ohio Historical Boiler Operator License.

Please contact:
Todd M. Young
Email: slabtownsteam@gmail.com