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Sealer for displacer

Tom Jamboretz

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I'm making a displacer out of .010" aluminum roof flashing. It needs to be leak proof at the seam and at the ends. Has anyone found a good sealer that can take the heat of the burner? Would appreciate any help that I get. Thanks.

J.B. Castagnos

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About 40 years ago I was at a sportsmans show, a vendor was demonstrating welding rods that were so good you could weld a hole in a beer can. I bought some, after trying them I found the only thing I could weld with them was a beer can. If I get a beer with a hole in it I'm not going to weld it, I'll grab another one. Just joking, they may have improved and my skills may not have been the best.

Brent Rowell

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It would be a lot easier to make one out of seamless aluminum tubing; end caps can be machined, press fit, and sealed with high temp sleeve retainer.