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Sears ESKA Ignition Repair

Ed Stoller

Last Subscription Date
I am still getting inquarys on the repair of Tecumseh Solid State and ESKA ignitions so I have updated and consolidated my vedio.

Tecumseh / ESKA Ignition Repair, 610759 / 610851
File 610759NewCap


Im impressed with the way you removed the covering. I used a small wood chisel on the epoxy on a generator automatic voltage regulator to replace a faulty transistor. For removing solder from the board try using Solder Wick its a lot easier than using a brush & a neater job.


Debe... what Ed was doing, was clearing solder away enough to cut the trace, not remove the component. This technique goes back to the early-middle years of commercial television repair where printed circuits were against tube sockets, buried underneath layers of irremovable components.

The failed capacitor is on the other side of the CDI board, and not in such a way that physically removing it was a practical option. He brushed the solder away with the intention that the original component would STAY AFFIXED, but any excess wire from the old capacitor would not interfere with severing or fouling the trace. If he were doing a full-on replacement where both sides were accessible, wicking out all the solder would be sensible, but in this case, brushing it back pulls the laid-over wire up and away, to be trimmed out of reach of his new component on the back side.