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Sears generator parts And/Or service documents

Dano Eldorado

New member
I have a Sears/David Bradley generator that I have yet to locate any documentation for it. It’s my understanding that it was built by Winco.
Here’s the numbers from the ID plate- model # 533 3122 serial # 4394101-
Catalog # 3122- watts 3500 -volts 115/230 -RPM 3600. It’s mated to a B/S
23A-FB. Someone had installed a new 115 outlet and didn’t break the tab off.
I’m going to try uploading some Thank you for any help you may be able to offer
Hi, can you post any pics? Also, Briggs engine serial#. Does it look like my gen(Dayton) w same 23afb. I have two posts going on the small engine thread. If so, I have docs. Search my username on smokstak and you can see them, or I can send them to you.


Fred M.


Yes. According to my Sears OEM info, model numbers beginning with 533 were supplied by Winco.


Dano Eldorado

New member
BernieTech it does look very similar to your gen. Inside my outlet box is what I think is a voltage regulator. It has two electrical connections. One marked GEN and the other marked BAT. It has a hole melted in its cover. B&S serial # 735455


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Dano, your unit is similar, engine serial # is newer than mine. The wire wound power resistor is to limit battery charging current. My dad added a reistast to ask charge rate.. I do have a pic with the bell end removed which I Will post tommorow. Can you post a pic of your set from the bell end. Did you find my diagrams?, If not I will also post them, hopefully tomorrow also.
Also, can you post pics of the control box from directly above. I will try to do the same. Today I plan on rebuild ing the carb if all goes well...
Yesterday got my Dayton running. Disassembled,cleaned and reassembled carb. Minor adjustment to mixture and it purred. Last run 1972...I need to get fuel bowl gasket and screen, and gas cap gasket.

My electrical schematics are posted in one of my stak threads. I am going to try and attach a pic of my slip rings.

Right now I am happier than a. Pig in ####### that I got it running so smooth. I loaded it to 750 watts and the governor kept voltage well 122. I do have to check freq. But it should be fine as 122 is good.

Once I get fuel bowl gasket installed I will give it a good workout.
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