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SEM magneto information wanted

David Henderson

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I have a SEM magneto on a Norwegian marine engine, marked EX-1r30, made in Amal Sweden. I works fine now but when problems arise does anyone have info on parts/anyone servicing them? Thanks in advance for any information.


Possibly the only part you might have trouble finding is the contact points, as these can be an unusual shape and unique to your electrics. As for the coil and condensor it should not be too much of an issue. Coils can be rewound by yourself or by someone who rebuilds magnetos and condensors are the easiest to replace using a film capacitor or a condensor from a car with similar values.
Sometimes with the contact points you find the same style points in a totally different situation. Recently I found an image of a set of contact points from an early model Victa mower out here but the same points are used in a magneto on a Wico magneto attached to a U.S made outboard. So sometimes things can be cross matched but not by brand name. Keep an open mind on where to look. Post images that also may help people identify where they might know where they have seen them before.
Hope this helps!


If you can't find parts maybe i can help you. For several SEM Ignition systems i still have new magneto coils and ignition points on stock.
Am a private collector, no business. Live in the Netherlands and can send you parts by post. regards Ben.