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Sensation Lawn Mower


Sensation Model B-29-G Motor 2-3 hp Model B I was give this lawn mower by a good friend that has passed away . He was a engineer that help make these lawn mowers ... I did not find out all the stuff about them before he passed .. I know the first one's had a plywood deck then went to Aluminum .. He lived in Nebraska then move to Kettering ,Ohio I would like to find out the year and if there are any more out there still running ???




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There was an old lady near me that had one like yours and wanted me to cut her lawn. As a kid of about 12 I couldn't get it running. Eventually I noticed the muffler was plugged up with carbon and I poked an ice pick into all umpteen little holes on it to de carbon it. It ran pretty well but was scary with that blade spinning around and no cover around it.

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Greetings MotorPower, Thought I would throw in a tidbit of information. I lived in Omaha many years ago when Sensation was a thriving industry. Not only did they build lawn mowers they also manufactured mini bikes. The suburb of Ralston still exists within Omaha to this day. Enuf Said.


the engine and shaft setup are a lot like the old mowmaster lawn mowers, you can slide the engine out and use it for other apps like a boat motor, just put on a lower unit, they called the motor the power pac...
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I have a sensation mower, it appears a little newer than yours. It discharges from either side,and has two blades set in a + pattern.


I also have a mower like yours mine is a B 29 Gx with an A series engine. It's nice to see another mower like mine and in better shape. I now know what color it should be mine runs with some minor mods to the piston. Can you please post a picture of the throttle linkage I think mine is messed up or missing parts. Thanks.

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Kinda looks like it has a Linkert carb similar to what Harley Davidson used, but smaller.
But it is probably just a Carter Model N....