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Shaper Machine!?


Anyone know of any good ole shapers available in the upstate NY/New England area? Not a table top... but not a 3 ton railroad size one either? I have been putting together a small line shaft powered machine shop and have a cozy spot just waiting for one.... Thanks! email me at: mlmarmet@aol.com

Carl in NH

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Perchance have you posted your desire to obtain such a shaper in the Antiques section of the Practical Machinist forum? Many denizens of PM are shaper fans and followers, and often times a shaper in need of a good home can be located.

Looking for one that’s line-shaft powered will limit your choices a little, but there were many nice ones made before the 30’s that were line-shaft powered. Given how their weight skyrockets as a function of stroke, I suspect you’re looking for something in the 12-16” range.

I’ve got a little 7” AAMCO that I’m considering parting with – but it’s neither line-shaft powered, nor large enough for your requirements as it’s a table top type.

Best of luck in your quest.