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Shipping and Buying Overseas with out Ebay

Ok i have seen and notice from other stakkers that there where problems with buying or selling overseas.

An lot came to us with questions about this.

We dit have dealed an lot in the past with buying stuff overseas but also sending with Ebay or with out Ebay.

Here are an coople tips for people that buy antiques, tractors, cars, paintings, art etc etc overseas.

My advice is first know the person an little bit before you start dealing with large amouth of money or expensive opjects.
This works better because there coult always jump things up that some do not like.

Then about sending money.

There are an coople options doing this.

First the cheque system (this is an oldy and most banks do not like enimore).
If you are going to pay with an cheque.
Let you bank make an cheque but send it self out to the seller so that you are sure the envelope with Christmas/Birthday/book,magazine card arround it wil arrive on time and on the right adres.
Making an cheque coult be take 7 work days.
Problem is that the send country bank coult take arround 20 bucks of for there own administration costs.:(

This system coult be take an long time but when it takes to long try to go after the Phone number of the bank where the mony cheque of the person was sended so that you can call them personal why it takes so long.

Then the banks send mony to banks system.
This coult be taken 7 till 10 working days before the mony realy arrived to the right adres.
When this proces takes to long ask your bank the Phone number of the bank of sending so that you can call them personal with the question how long it wil take or what they are doing with my mony at the moment.
Be sure that all the numbers are right of the account you send the mony.
Take help from your own bank when you send for the first time.
The bank of send/arrive coult also take 20 bucks of for there own administration cost.

The paysystem Western Union is an little bit scary because i have heart an lot of scary things about this in the past like scamers etc.

With shipping the items try to find an good shipping adres that wil help you.
This wil cost some mony but it wil take an lot of problems away.

There is also mostly some imports taks on the end so do not forget that one if you deal with expensive things.

Hope this wil helpful for you al in the future.:salute:
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some valid pointers there. I just want to ad some of my experiences and may also take the fear out of dealings with overseas. I had all money transfer options in the past, but I guess it depends on what level where dealing.
Obviously selling/buying on Ebay is somewhat trouble free, however Paypal takes out at least 4% on foreign transactions, so that could be handicap for some (seller). I understand that giving out your bank account and routing number is a no no for many, however, I had good experience all the way to Thailand and it was a substantial amount of money. But the foreign wire transfer is different with each bank, so check with yours. I also had a couple Western Union transactions w/o problem. A check drawn from a foreign bank is likely the most costly, not just the banking fee but also the currency conversion.
However with all transaction I had lengthy phone conversations BEFORE I (and the other party) agreed on that matter.
Can I eliminate all issues?? No, but I can't do it at the local swap meet or used car dealership either.
If a high dollar item will change ownership (traction engine, tractor, big flywheel engine), there is anyway more involved than just stuffing it in a cardboard box. Since the world is shrinking (at least on the web), it does not hurt to look over the pond, that count for both ways, while the Europeans want to get their hands on some heavy iron, why not make it easier for Americans to acquire some Lorenz, Otto, Deutz.....
I know with exotic cars, there is a network of techs out there who will inspect and evaluate the subject when buying long distance. Wonder how such an idea can be implemented regarding machinery.
Enough rambling, just want to say it is not as scary as it may sound, but before you sent off you money have a personal phone chat with the opposite party.
Thiel thanks of your response,

From my side some valide points to your story as wel.
Wel i do not have eni problems with the first part of your story as wel that you like to deal with western Union.
PayPal i do not have had eni problems with them and bought mountains of stuff with them.

Then part 2 of your story.
It looks that you tells that it is so difficult for American buyer to buy European stuff and that you and an lot American collectors suffer under this or not like it.;)
Wel that is not the truth.
There is more going to America as antiques then there is coming from America.
And how high is the dollar.
It shakes arround the 1,30,
How high was the dollar always against the Gulden ?.
There where times that you had given 3 Dutch Gulden to one Dollar.
It was Always prices shooting.
And it still going on.
Can show you the site of 300 years antiques that is leaving at the moment towards North America
Yust send me an PM.
You look to me looking at your name come from Germany.
Dit you ever heart about the German Guttenberg bible.
One of the most expensive incunable.
Where is it at the moment ? with all the other (most) ancient European incunables.
The art master paintings from the Dutch schools, Buggattis, Mercedes the most expensive collections of these are in America.
Etc Etc Etc.
I know those storys about those engines like otto.
Not many have survived but when they come for sale everybody can buy them including Americans,

The Americans Always have hold the flag high with doing this and they are doing it for 200 years and it stil continude.

This thread was only for helping each other because of the requests i had from the Smokstakers and hope we are not going to drift to much of to other subjects.;)....:wave:
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