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Showing your YouTube movies on Smokstak!


Staff member
To embed YouTube videos on Smokstak, use the following codes:

[ y o u t u b e ]Jcjt0uQDbxw[ / y o u t u b e ]
(Take out the extra spaces to make the code line active.)
My YouTube code for this video shown in red is Jcjt0uQDbxw
As with all BBS codes, your command must open in brackets [ ] and close with a slash in brackets [/ ] and always close every command that you open in the same order that you opened it. There are NO spaces in command codes.

Use your own youtube.com video suffix that appears after the v= in your youtube.com URL.

You can hit the
icon in the edit page window to get the command line placed at your cursor.

To play in this window, click the arrow. Or click in the picture to go to YouTube.com.
You can also get full screen now by clicking at the lower right hand side.
Right click inside the video window for even more commands.

Please keep in mind that uploaded videos must be of your own copyright. (You own the video.) Do not violate Copyright and Trademark law. Some folks care and some don't, but you never really know.

Some videos have lower resolution than others depending upon the age of the camera and the settings on the camera.