Small Bessemer - mixer pics?

Jim Martin

He just had a Carburetor (Briggs?) down low at the crankcase, I would think something should be bolted onto the upper plate on the cylinder where a mixer or carb or whatever would go. Andrew do you have pictures of what its supposed to look like? Also I'm not sure about that lower valve? is that a intake valve? or Crank case breather?


Andrew Mackey

It would appear that your 'inlet valve' in indeed the air inlet for the fuel injector. It is called an 'air admission valve' The governor controls the amount of air allowed into the crankcase, which in turn determines the amount of fuel delivered into the transfer passage, into the engine. I do not have pix, but John Davis (Davis family website) probably does. John is a member of the Stak, you could trysending him an EMail or private message.

You cannot use a carb with the air admission valve in place. You would have to mount a check valve before the carb or mixer, to prevent reverse airflow during the power stroke. You might find an injector on evilbay, or check with John and see if he has a spare or a source for another one.

John Davis

JB is correct the Bessemer air-intake valve that is currently on the engine is a check valve and the engine should run with the existing carb. Missing is the original "Bessemer Universal Fuel Feeder" just like in the photo's Jim posted and it would also mount on the the cylinder just like in the photo's.

Jim, The Bessemer Universal fuel feeder is probably going to be difficult to find but not impossible. They are more difficult to find then the Detroit fuel feeders because not as many were made. I myself have been looking for a air-intake valve for Detroit fuel injected marine engine for the past year and have had no luck so far.