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Small "BUZZZ COIL" from parts found

Paul Spence

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Small "BUZZZ COIL" from parts found out back.
Found these plans to make a small "BUZZZ COIL" a long time ago and put them in the things to do, someday, pile. The other day I got the urge to be coil creative. I started with one of the coils I've been saving for years off an old lawnmower for something. I got the hacksaw out and went to work. Then I went to the old "T" coil pile and pulled out one that had a bad secondary (I save lots of "STUFF" :crazy: ) and just pulled off the top with the points. On the mower coil, I left all the wiring on it and even used the capaciator. Problem was the coils iron core was about 3/8" to short so out came the 1/2 cold rolled steel I have been saving just for this day and cut off a piece which I :crazy: glued on and followed up with some heat shrink tubing. I stuck it all it all together and it didn't work :eek: . OH WELL... I put it down and came back today and wired it right.ZZZZAAAAPPPPPPPPP. NICE 3/4" spark. Now that its working held together with a ruber band, I went out to the "T" coil parts department and dragged out the "TAR" burner and pot. Got the tar nice and hot, made sure the coil was set right and poured the tar around the coil to hold it tight. After it cooled, I put it in my model Tom Thumb's 4" x 4" battery box along with a 9 volt battery pack. Nice and compact, and about 1/3 the size of a normal "T" coil. Check out the pictures. Just having fun, even in NJ on a day off work without a "BREAK" :)


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Dick Welty

Re: small "BUZZZ COIL" from parts found out


I built this one about 20 years ago and took the guts out of a Model T box then cut off the end of the original T-coil magnetic core bundle and soldered it onto a piece of tin and glued it into the hole under the T points.

I left all of the original T parts on the outside of the box so that from the outside it looked like an original T coil.

I then grounded the coil to the engine thru one of two mounting bolts I drilled thru the bottom of the T-coil box and hooked up one of the terminals to the + battery so that I could charge the small rechargable batteries that I consealed inside along with the small buzz coil.

I also hooked up the spark lead to the apporpriate terminal on the T-Box and hooked the timmer lead to the remaining terminal.

This setup worked very well independently of any exterior battery.

I installed this setup on a 1 1/2 hp Fairbanks Morse Dishpan Hit and Miss engine using a piece of angle iron bolted to the battery box bolt that sticks out of the water hopper on the governor side of the engine.

I then bolted the coil using the grounded bolt and an other which I had installed thru the bottom of the coil box.

At several shows I had some fun with fellow enginemen by saying that I was having trouble shutting down my engine.

I would then disconnect a dummy battery that I had clipped to the coil with allegator clips in the usual manner and of course the engine would continue to run without missing a beat.

At least once someone said that the engine must be dieseling and they grabbed the plug wire before I could warn them, but they let go very soon.

Anyway I had a lot of people guessing as to why it would keep running with the battery disconnected but would stop when the plug wire or the timmer wire was pulled.

If you look at the bottom of the somewhat fuzzy picture you will see a loop of the original point spring and the other stationary point that I used off of the same small chain saw that I used as the donor for the coil.

The top and bottom of the coil are made of 1/8" lexan plastic because they were a convenient way to mount and insulate the electrical parts in the smallest space possible.



Re: small "BUZZZ COIL" from parts found out

Both of ya get a big thumbs up for enginenuity! :eek: or is it electronuity? :D BobRR

Ray Cardoza

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Re: small "BUZZZ COIL" from parts found out

Bet they wont be tempted to grab that wire again any time soon :p Just like the idiot I told not to put their foot under the lawnmower while it was running Duh :D