Smith & Mills Shaper


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This is my only machine tool that qualifies for "pre-1930".

It's a 1902-1907 (per the features, no serial numbers on these), Smith & Mills 16" shaper. Currently inop as I haven't gotten to redoing the motor drive system on it. Originally flat belt, the pulley shaft was hacked off and the chain setup you see was put on. Guy I bought it from had purchased it to restore and hadn't gotten around to it. Generally in pretty tight, nice shape other than the ugly white/red paint job.

Plans are to do at least a partial disassembly, strip/repaint, and get it functional.

If anyone has more info on these, please let me know. The old "shopswarf" website had a bunch of info about them but I didn't get this until after the guy running the site had passed on, and much of the info was lost. I was able to recover some of it off the Wayback Machine, which is how I dated it to the period I have.

I'll try and get some photos of it up tonight.