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Socony Vacuum Oiler


A friend bought the oiler shown in the photos below at a swap meet.

It says Socony Vacuum on the glass bowl, oriented so that normal operation is for the rod to be at the bottom.

It looks like this sits with the rod coming out the bottom (as shown in the first image) where it rides on a cam or equivalent. With the bowl full of oil, every time the rod is pushed up and then drops back down, a little bit of oil runs down the rod and into whatever machinery it is mounted on.

Anyone have any further info on this? Nobody here has ever seen or heard of something like this.

Socony and Vacuum oil merged to form Socony Vacuum in 1931. So this is no older than 1931.



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Wish I could tell ya, but I don't know either.
Regardless, it's an odd piece. Hang in there, someone should know.