Software Companies Taking Liberties With Your Computer


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I was on my credit card web site (always with my own USB internet hook-up and not on WI-FI) when Avast pops up and asks if I'd rather use their "Safe-Zone" web browser to access my bank.

Now, first off, why the hell is my anti-virus supplier paying attention to what I'm doing on my bank and why are they always trying to sell me crap. Next time I turn my computer on, there it is, the Avast Safe Zone Web Browser, on my desk top and in my tool bar. I did NOT OK its installation!

I uninstalled it! And then I Googled, "Avast just installed their Safe Zone web Browser onto my Computer and I'm Pissed!

Go ahead, try the link!

Anyway, Avast is fired! Anyone have a good anti-virus / firewall program to recommend?


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When I was doing more Windoze stuff I was very impressed with F-prot. But that was a decade ago. Might be bloat ware by now.

Update: looking at reviews, seems F-prot has sold out to someone else, and subsequently hasn't been updated since 2011. Guess the guy who wrote it took the money and bailed. A shame. Was a great program. The reviews now seem to favor Bit defender, but I know nothing about it, so not recomending it.
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I fired avast a long time ago. I had the same exact problem. I've used bitdefender for a little while and seems to be a lot more stable without all the assware!! Low n behold hackers probably know more then we do about ourselves.


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Norton is what I would is nice as you can turn it all off or leave certain tools on to customize your protection.


I installed Bit Defender on my sister's PC, no issues so far and I like it, 10 devices, win version designed for Win8-10 but they'll issue a license for the most recent version compatible with old Win. It does seem to update a lot, could be a good thing.. Like Win10, it chugs away doing things but not easy to find out exactly what it is doing.. They give you the major upgrades released within your subscription period.

Maybe best to avoid Kaspersky :yikes:

I like oldstuff

I've had Avast paid subscription for a couple years now. I never clicked on the safe zone browser but I'm sure it is running in background. Schitt.

Thanks Harry


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Seems F-prot has sold out to someone else.
Same problem with ALL of them. Young upstart company tries hard and makes a name for itself and then gets gobbled up by multi-nationals that screw it up. Avast, Norton, whatever, they all end up in this boat. To them, it's a money wagon. To us, it's having extras pushed in our face and support that doesn't do English well.


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Harry, on W10 machine I run just windows defender. over 2 years, no issues. I run spybot anti beacon to stop w10 calling home.

My budget is tight, so I look for free programs. I have run free versions of Superantispyware, Iobit malware fighter for years on W7 machines, XP before that. I also run spybot anti beacon because W7, 8 have been updated to report home just like 10.

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I've used AVAST for many years.
In one of their latest updates I got the same notification.
Go to settings and uninstall the components you don't want.

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I have used ESET NOD 32 Antivirus for years. It is a great company. You can call it for information and get a human being who is not only knowledgeable, but is very willing to help you.
Just for the halibut a couple of years back, after reading some discussion on here, I did a free trial of Malwarebytes anti virus. It did its thing, but essentially told me that ESET had been doing its thing, and doing it well! Then I felt like a real heel for doubting ESET.
ESET and Epson are two computer related companies I will recommend anytime to anyone. They have great customer service with friendly human beings who will talk with you.
Also, for the Canucks on here, I will recommend FIDO. Again, fantastic service people, both in its stores and on phone calls.


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I have two major suggestions to make. One, get rid of Microsoft. You can get a good, stable and reliable release of Ubuntu Linux for FREE. Linux requires a bit more doing than Microsoft but the advantages you get makes it more than worthwhile. You can download the version of Ubuntu that suits your machine and burn it to a bootable DVD. Pop the DVD in your drive, reboot the machine, and you are running Ubuntu as a trial - nothing will be installed on your machine until you tell it to. I think you'll love it and want to use it as your main OS. And if you have programs that are Windows-only, there are various solutions available you can use. The easiest approach is to set up a dual boot system that allows you to select at startup which OS you want for that session.

Two, what are you DOING banking etc. online? I do not conduct any personal business online. I make everyone send me monthly statements and I pay my bills either in person or by mail. I have never heard of anyone hacking an envelope and a stamp. Not as convenient up front, granted. But when, not if, you get hacked that little extra effort will pay tremendous dividends.


I think back in 14 when I bought this machine I am on now I was going to try that Linux and at that time it was no longer compatible with a dial up internet connection. Has that problem been solved or?:shrug:


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"Has that problem been solved or?"

I don't know but I very seriously doubt anyone is doing much for dial up internet any more. Dial up has gone the way of floppy discs, where computer and s/w designers are concerned. Linux is basically an all-volunteer operation and I suspect they will focus their efforts on the most modern systems. I know back when I was on an older machine I was unable to update my OS with the next release, because I did not have a sufficiently up to date machine. I don't particularly like the idea but it's not up to me.

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I've been running ESET myself with no complaints either. small fee keeps my computers running somewhat trouble free.

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S100----like you, we don't do anything personal online, no bamk. no credit cards. Even if the recipient has gazillion dollar security, I know I don't, and I don't trust anyone in between. Like things left off a car can't give trouble, things not online can't be stolen online...
(Sigh)-unfortunately, a certain amount of mail is hacked, officially and unofficially, but you're generally safe as long as you avoid contact with whoever and /or whatever is on past and current brownlists, and don't let any talcum get into the envelopes ...

Kevin K

Session Replay Scripts

"Lately, more and more sites use "session replay" scripts. These scripts record your keystrokes, mouse movements, and scrolling behavior, along with the entire contents of the pages you visit, and send them to third-party servers. These scripts are intended for the recording and playback of individual browsing sessions, as if someone is looking over your shoulder."

A brief overview:

A good description:

A list of sites using session replay scripts:

Luckily, this is easy to defeat. Adding AdBlock Plus to Firefox or Chrome will block these tracking sites. Adding NoScript to Firefox offers a much higher level of protestion, but is difficult for many people to configure.
I was on line this morning. Bidsquare had an auction I wanted to look at. Lunchtime I looked at the weather site and a bidsquare add at the top of the page showed all of the items that I clicked on to get a larger view. Only those items out of 100's in the auction. I am being tracked!!! If they are tracking my key strokes , they could steal every thing that I have. Ron