sombody got screwed with ebay Why did they let it happen

Mike O

Well, I like a lot of you have been watching that New Holland on Ebay. The auction ended last nite and the final bid was over $3500.00 Now that the sale is over the high bidder is listed. It is a new guy with a 0 feedback rating. I sent him an email telling him it was a fake I hope he listens!

I wonder if he follows through and looses that much money if he would have any recorse with Ebay. I wonder this because they were told of it and did nothing to stop it.


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Then again it could be a certain person that knew it was fake and is just messing with the person who listed it... Watch for feedback left and see what happens.

Fred M.

According to the eBay explanation for hiding user names, the seller can see them. Does that mean the seller can see them all, or only the winning bidder?

If the seller can see them all, they would then be in a position to offer a "second chance" to the losers!

(Always the pessimist)

Brian Triebner

If this bidder loses his money on this auction, I would think with all the people on this board that told aBay about it being a scam, he would be in good position to sue eBay or start a class action. You would think somewhere in the US a lawyer got scammed and would love to take them on ! Brian

John Cunningham

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What is the big deal with e-bay anyway. I never see our stuff go cheap on it. I would trust an auction site that Harry put together long before I would entertain using e-bay. Ok I am old fashioned but...:shrug:


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Our new classified ad software handles auctions, but do I really want the hassle?

Rich Martz

The high bidder has been on e-bay less than a month and also from Ca. Probably just a buddy running up the bid.

Daniel Dorece

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I think ebay has blown it! This morning I Tried to email a person who asked a question about one of my auction lots and got a reply from ebay that because their was less then 12 hrs. remaining and someone had just bid on it they could not send the message. The auction had about 13 hrs. to go and the only bid had been on there for several days. Just a few minutes ago I tried to get into my ebay and when I entered the password it was rejected as incorrect several times so then I checked my email and found out that their were a half dozen new lots posted on my account that were not my items.I notified ebay about the problems but 24 to 48 hours don't cut it. Anyone out there like to start up a competing auction service??
Iron Wolf :shrug:


Dan- In the past, did you email one of the phony sellers or did you ever bid on any of the engines that were "scams"??? If so, it makes me wonder if that is how the scammers take over a legitimate account and post phony auctions. I noticed that someone else on this board mentioned that there were phony auctions listed on their account too. Sellers can view the bidder's email addresses, and it probably makes it easier for the scammers to access the bidder's accounts that way. I'm sure it's probably tempting for you guys to bid on phony auctions that you know are scams and you bid to merely spite the scammer, but I would strongly recommend against bidding on auctions that you know are scams and also urge you not to email the scammer. I would also recommend NOT emailing any of the people bidding on the scam auctions to warn them it is a scam. The scammers are getting smart enough that they might have taken over other accounts to place bids on their own scam auctions in order to harvest Ebay accounts and email addresses that they can also take over. I know that it is a good deed to try to warn someone that they are being scammed, but you might just be making yourself more vulnerable to scammers by trying to do the right thing. Don't play the scammer's game by bidding on their auctions just for fun. That could very well be the way that they are accessing your Ebay accounts.

Walt Beeman

:mad: I sent an email to Ebay that stated that those exact pictures and description were used in a legimate auction sometime last year. I keep copies of the pictures of most of the uncommon engines listed on Ebay because they are often the only pictures I'll ever get. I sent the email at least 4 days before the auction ended, and begged Ebay to check on this seller with no feedback and only having been a Ebay member less than a month, and using pictures from a previous legitimate auction. We should demand that Ebay take the "Sell A Similiar Item" option from all listings to help reduce the fraudulent activity that targets our hobby. I guess that this column is our best way of keeping ourselves out of harm's way, if everyone reports any suspicious looking auction that they find, we all benefit.

Harry, ever thought of our own private auction?:shrug:


Hi Dan and guys i have been through the same as all of you and trying to explain anything to the jokers at Ebay is like talkig to the wall and they don't have a Phone number to call. I had some one list stuff under my account 7 times and it took me a month to get it straightened out and all they tell me is to change my pass word.That didn't work maby they should check there system and change that.They have some serious problems and look the other way when you complain.
Thats my 2Cents worth.:rant:
JEFF :bonk:
Do the scammers also pay the ebay fees or do they scam them too,:shrug: if they pay the fees ebay still win hey,so they dont really care !!!!!!!!!:rant:

Brad Kelley

If you want to be extra cautious, DON'T EVER try to log onto any account by clicking a link in your email messages. This is how scammers get into your account, by sending you spoof emails with fake links to web pages that look like your ebay login page. You try to log into your account on the fake site and they get your user name and password.
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Ken Majeski

Too Many people fall for the update or verify your account scams or have a Too Simple Password....:eek: Use a Long Uncommon Letter and Number and Mixed Case password.... And change it once in a while....;)

Cute Link Brad....:D

Sam Hamilton

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At the bottom of ebay listing is a "Report This Item" box. I tried using it several days ago on this New Holland engine, but got a note that the feature wasn't available. Just now I tried it and it worked. I clicked "I think this is fraudulent" and "I didn't bid." There are more options. I have used this before and have seen items disappear almost immediately. You don't have to swear that it is a bad listing-just that you think it might be. I encourage you to use the "Report This Item" box if you are pretty sure something isn't right.

Daniel Dorece

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Dan- In the past, did you email one of the phony sellers or did you ever bid on any of the engines that were "scams"?
Hi Jim;
I found out today how they Phished on me. I attempted to reply to a question asked me about a lot I had up for auction and received a reply from "ebay" that because there was less then 12 hrs. left on the sale and bids had been placed after the twelve hour limit my message could not be sent. Without checking I went directly to email and answered the question. MY MISTAKE!! It turned out that there was about 13 hrs. left on the auction and the only bid had been placed several days ago. Within half an hour there were 12 new auction listings on my site. I got right on ebay security and they pulled the plug on the account and deleted the lots but I had to spend an hour this morning regestering a new password and one lot that I really wanted to bid on got away from me. So be careful, there are S O Bs out there who will spend an hour to steal a nickel when they could earn a dollar in that same hour.
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Gene Fisher

I had bid on the engine just for the fun of it, Ebay probably took the hit if the guy had a bad credit card. I got notice today the man has been banished from the Ebay services and if i had won the engine not to deal outside of ebay, da. I will tell you again, if you are bidding on an item you have in question tell the seller you have a friend that lives in his area and you want him to come and look at the item, "watch em dance to that tune" i have done that with great results.


Any way you look at it Ebay still has a long way to go before they have a site that you can trust.:idea: and from what i have seen over the last 8 years it just keeps getting worse.:rant:
Thats my 2cents