Song About Locomotive No# 576

Duey C

Thank you for posting this caser! :) Great links for a great cause!
I think in harmony kinda like Marty and Harry: "Here comes the Dutchess, Queen of the Dixie Line." The Bass line is easy too.
Ashton, would you find the first song with a steam locomotive rhythm even, thread it, I'll bet that would perk ears up and they'd go lookin' too and post with their minds rolling. ;)
There's one playing in my brain but it's one of the Hank's I think or... Doggone it, maybe it's.... I can't bring it closer to see or listen.
Steam locomotives are the absolute most interesting, living, breathing things on American rails!
Our big baby's (you fellas that play with stationary engines know our own pride too), stuck on concrete yet will stir the soul and make strong SOB's weep a little.