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Southern Engine & Boiler Works Catalogs

marathon man

Just posted two Catalogs of southern engine & boiler works , saw mill machinery and steam / gas and other made by factory in jackson tenn . pinerest.com ( southern engine & boiler works, Jackson Tennessee)



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Very nice! Thanks for posting Barry. Do you have the entire catalog posted on Pinterest?

The large Southern engine you have in the catalog scan has a strong similarity to the Ohio Motor Works of Sandusky. Could OMW possibly have built them for Southern? I know the very small (up to about 2 1/2 HP) Southern engines were built by Peerless. However, the mid size engines (4 HP up to about 15 HP) were certainly proprietary to Southern and was their own design and build. The 6 HP and 12 HP Southern engines I have are quite different than any other engine made during their time period.

marathon man

Hey, yes I posted 2 catalogs and all the pages!

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They had big Foundry and casted alot more than engines and sawmill machine . They casted iron store fronts and man hole cover and alot more . I found 68 glass plate photo negatives in a boarded up dark room ,also tons of blue prints and photos show them making all the big and small engines . hope to post them soon .they look great .found them in 1989 in the 3rd floor of the southern engine and boiler works . The best glass photo shows a southern car coming out of the front door of the marathon building across the street. years later that photo was in a marathon motor catalog from 1914