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Squirt Boat motor

Candy T.

Hi Guys,
Does anyone know about a squirt boat motor.
It is as light as a feather.
Is this one they made for the small wooden boats?
What years did they make them?
Thank You,
Candy T.

Candy T.

You will have to go to my profile pic. for a view.
I changed the pic.
It is not a good photo, it's the only one I've got.

Jim Parrott

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Candy T,

The picture doesn’t show the top of the motor very well. I checked in Peter Hunns Old Outboard Book and there are no Squirt Motors listed. There are boats that go by the Squirt name. Hope this helps.


Candy T.

The name appears to be Skipper.
So much of the decal was gone it is hard to read.
It says Muncie Gear Works, Inc. in Indiana on the top.

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Okay, I found out it is aModel B1 Skipper boat motor.
Thanks guys for the help.
Candy T.