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Stator for Miller legend aead 200 le


I’m trying to find somewhere i I r d sad one one that has a stator generator for a miller legend . It’s got the onan engine on it. Or somewhere that can redo to windings on mine


Look for electric motor rewind shops in your yellow pages - one place I found through a google search is Lufkin Armature Works in Lufkin, but I doubt that they are the only rewind shop within a reasonable distance from you.


slip knot

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Are you sure the stators bad? Mine was sent to Miller for repairs and they told us the stator was shot. my local motor shop tested it and said Miller had put some diodes in wrong. Cant hurt to get a second opinion.

Ed Radtke

if all else fails try cox eguipment in indianapolis.they are a welder repair shop that has been around a very long time.its been many years since I was in there but they had a lot of those parts machines in there