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Steam Engin Purchase


Kevin Bollin

Where can I find a dealer for steam engins. Are they still made for today's use?

harvey teal

Kevin: There are probably more steam engines available today than ever before!!! Are you looking for a miniature toy, a scale model of an original engine, a full-scale stationary, traction, locomotive engine? Log onto a search engine like Google and start searching for steam engine, live steam, steamboat, steam power, and any combination of steam words that you can think of. It's all out there!!! And it ain't cheap. But it IS fun!!!


RIGHT! Lots of engines out there. A friend in NY State called today to tell me he just bought a 9hp Case traction engine----in Washington State! $10,000 just for the record. Craig


I sell toy and model steam engines. actually "model" may be somewhat of a misnomer since the casting kit sizes available range from fractional to almost 10HP (large enough to propel a good sized steam launch)

As for larger items Skinner up in Erie PA was (up until recently anyway) still building large reciprocating steam engines, mostly for export.

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