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Steam engine blueprints


Hello all I’m fairly new to the steam scene and I’m in the midst of a large project I was hoping you folks might be able to help me with. I have a 1920 bury double acting air compressor (I’ll get pics as soon as I can) and my plan is to add a piston valve to the top and convert it to steam. I think I have the design all set but I’m looking for engine designs of the same size which is 8x8 or close to that for comparison to what I have. Any help would be much appreciated!


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There's more to it than just adding a valve and timing mechanism. Does this have provision to drain the water out of the cylinder so it doesn't hydrolock and throw a rod?

How well insulated is the cylinder? Can you wrap it in fiberglass and sheet metal to help it stay warm?

What you want to do is possible, but you've got a lot of machining to do. And an 8x8 is a good sized engine, needing a good sized boiler to make steam for it. Your bore and stroke is in the same neighborhood as many steam tractors have in them, so a boiler that size is what you'll be needing.