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Steam Engine Joe- The other engines


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Looks like 4 Minnies to me. Any idea what is behind the bush on the far right?

Tim Colwell

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It is sad to say they are sitting outside as they were before the auction. I went out to check on them 2 summers ago to make sure the stacks were covered and the coffee cans were still on the governers. I've attached a couple photos from when they were first moved out there and you can see most of them didn't have their stacks covered at that time.They are still really oiled up from when they were moved back in '04 but they could use another coat in an attempt to minimize the weather damage. All I know at this point is that Leonard has no plans to do anything with them while he's still alive but when he passes on they will be a part of his estate at which time I'd like to get the 2 that I've been bugging him for and I'm not sure what will happen with the others. I can't speak for the other family members but I really don't think any of them would want to keep an engine. I guess one can only wait and see what happens

Just noticed this, the Avery under mount is not pictured? Has it been sold off I know the little Nic has been.