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Steam Engine Model At WI Auction No Reserve

Mike Paul

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I'll be selling a handmade model of a steam engine, vertical flue boiler, economiser and feed water pump at an upcoming auction. I don't have a date set yet other than to say it will probably be February 2013 at the soonest. It just came in so it's at the bottom of the totem pole for scheduling but I wanted to get the word out. Photos can be viewed at: http://www.auctionzip.com/cgi-bin/photopanel.cgi?listingid=1611313&category=0&zip=&kwd=

It was brought to me by a man in his late 70s who received it as a gift when he was a boy. His dad got it from a jeweler who had it kicking around after it was given to him by the maker. The maker thought that the jeweler could use it to run his lathe. A quick search shows several Moetzels in Davenport IA but no useful information. Call me at 262 338 3030 during normal business hours if you have any questions.