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Stover Air Starting Instructions


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Hello to All and Happy New Year!

I have 2 large Stover Horizontal Gas Engines a 16 Hp. and a 18 Hp. It is my understanding that all the large engines sold by Stover were equipped with a hand pump to pump air into the cylinder for starting. Both my engines are drilled for the pump, but the pumps are long gone. In the pictures I have gotten from Joe Maurer the air pump looks exactly like the pumps used on Fairbanks Type N engines. Except the pump is mounted on the opposite side of the engine. I'm in the process of making 2 pumps for my engines. My question is this Do you set the engine at TDC of the intake stroke? I'm guessing this is what you do and then you prime the cylinder with gasoline and then you build compression in the cylinder by pumping up the air pump. Once you have some pressure built up in the cylinder then you snap the ignitor to fire the charge. Am I correct about this or am I way off base?

Any and all help will be greatly appreciated.

LeRoy Baumgardner :wave:

Elden DuRand

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I've watched a 75 HP Fairbanks-Morse H being started using the pump and the match start option.

The pump isn't for building compression as far as I can tell but it's used to force a charge into the combustion chamber before either firing the match start or tripping the ignitor. Of course, any compression gained would help.

The engine is turned to just after TDC on the power stroke and, after pumping several strokes on the pump, the charge is touched-off.

Every time I've seen this done, the engine has started right up.

Take care - Elden:wave: