Stover KA 1.5 hp


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Hey all,
I have been reading all the entries for a while now and finally decided to join the group.
I have been a restorer of old tractors for years and after 30 or so… I started into one lung engines and I think I’ve done OK. But a few weeks ago, a 1921 Stover engine followed me home. It is a KA 1&1/2 horse throttle governed with the dandy coffin shaped water hopper & open crank.
Got it from some youngster in the middle of town out of his garage. He had big dreams and got talked into removing the Webster mag and igniter bracket and then lost it to a so-called re-builder (if he ever had it in the first place) or so I was told,
Now I can make a plate, install a plug, and hook it up to a buzz coil, but I would really like to know if any of you have old books that could tell me what Webster ignitor/coil bracket number was on it originally?
From what I find the 2&3 hp took a 303K87 but I don’t think that is right for this application.
Any help would be appreciated. :O


You are correct in that your engine would NOT use a Webster 303K87 bracket. Your engine would have used a "late style" Webster magneto and bracket. The late style was very different than the Websters that are normally seen. The early Webster mags were mounted to the igniter bracket by four threaded holes with studs that were in the bottom of the base of the magneto. The igniter brackets used with the early Websters were cast iron, and were one common casting that served as the magneto mount and igniter. The late style Websters were mounted to the brackets by four long brass screws that passed through the side plates and body of the magneto, as well as passing through the bracket. The bracket used was bent steel. The bracket was stamped in an L shape. The igniter used was cast iron, and the steel bracket was secured to the igniter by two bolts that passed through the underside of the steel bracket and threaded into the cast iron igniter. An example of the late style setup can be seen in the following video. (Note that at the beginning of the video, an artist rendition of the EARLY style Webster is shown). The late style setup like you need is like the actual magneto/igniter combination shown in the video.