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Strange experience this morning


I got up like usual (medical conditions and working late into the night means I get up late - like around 10) and got on the internet to check messages and news like usual (before settling in to pound on my qualifying exams).

Funny thing is when I came to Smokstak. When I clicked on "New Posts" only a couple came up. Puzzled because that was so unusual, I checked the posts for the day.

There were quite a few that should have popped up with "New Posts" but didn't - maybe 20 or so.

This has happened before. It's like it marks all posts read when I got a message that there was a new reply on a thread I'd subscribed to and I clicked on the link - but that shouldn't happen.

Any idea of what might be happening? This is STRANGE.

I'm running Firefox 49.0.2 on Linux Ubuntu 14.04LTS (updated regularly).

Brothers Clemens

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Coople years ago had also an computer doing rare behavoure.

Went with it towards my computer expert.

He told wil put an good virus scaner on your computer.

After that the problem was over.

Now i scan my computer once in the 2 weeks.

It is one hell of an big toilet flusher and it flush all the dirt an mess from the criminals and crooks off.......:O.....:)

You shoult place an very good virus scaner on the one of yours aswel.



I have good virus protection, and combining the fact that I am very careful about what I allow in my computer ('practice safe computing'), run both hardwired and software firewalls, and that it's a Linux machine (very few viruses for the OS and very resistant to them), that's not very likely.

Now, we've had problems in the past around here with a jackass who was hacking into our cable internet modem THROUGH the cable (only possible way for him to get in as the wireless was turned off and computers off when he did so). Every time he did, he would turn on the wireless and open it up to public access... and then start using the hell out of it. When that happened, we also found some evidence he'd tried to hack into our computers, but as far as we can tell unsuccessfully. (Our cable provider had us call the cops, but in this hellhole they wouldn't do anything unless - what they said - we could show that he was downloading kiddy porn or something like that and breaking the law.)

As it turned out, our IP provided a special, high security modem with rolling passwords and things like that (and wireless only used once in a while - our main systems are ethernet). The encryption and everything else is the heaviest we can do. As far as we can tell, the jackass hasn't been successful since the new modem was put in.

Oh, and I had a bluetooth adapter on this system for a few days (experimenting with some special links). Had to take it off because it looked like he was starting to try to hack in through that as well. Very irritating!

We have an idea of who it is (I was able to DF his wireless), but what's the use if the... "cops"... aren't willing to do anything about it? (Our local "finest" are also very vocal about people "not taking the law into their own hands" and get really mean if you interfere in what they consider their business.)

I don't think that's the case this time, however. Still, I could be wrong about that...


Nope - I came up with only 16 posts today! Knew something was wrong.
Went to quick links- today's posts. found 3 pages of posts, including this one.


Thanks, Power!
That sounds like the same thing. STRANGE.

Sounds like something in Smokstak went goofy on us. I thought that had happened before, but wasn't sure. Then this morning's experience - and you also had too few posts with "New Posts".

I hope the mods are watching this thread. It might be something that the admin would want to know about.