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Studleigh and Chapman Engines

Eric Schulz

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If when doing research on Trove, you can’t find what you are looking for, come at it from another angle. I have found a fair bit of extra information that way.

An example, when looking for the beginning of Graham Chapman’s engine production, I searched Clara St, his address. That is where I found these ads for Studleigh. It is hard to believe that there were two different engine manufacturers in Clara St, Erskineville at the same time, especially back in 1908. From the wording of the ads, I would assume that Chapman and Studleigh were the same person. But, why use an alias?

The display ad, below, shows one of the first engines Chapman made. They are now quite rare. The crankcase would suit a 2 stroke engine, something he later produced. Note the similar wording to the Studleigh ads regarding hp and price. One change is that the 1/2hp has been dropped.

Small gas and oil engine castings for sale, 1/2 to 4hp, with drawings. Studleigh, Clara-st, Erskineville.

Small gas and oil engines, from 1/2 to 4hp, built to order, from £12. Studleigh, Clara-st, Erskineville.

Wanted, price for erecting small workshop. Apply Studleigh, Clara-st, Erskineville.

Engineering. Boy wanted to become apprenticed to gas and oil engine manufacturer; premium required. Apply Studleigh, Clara-st, Erskineville.

Although I have not seen any information on the gas engines, I would think they were just petrol engines converted to run on town gas.

Sometimes I think that people these days don’t give Chapman the credit he deserves. The Pup engines were invented by him in 1926, and made in large numbers. He claimed to have made over 600 per year before production stopped during the war. Blaxland Rae were licensed to build them in 1938, and in 1949 bought Chapman’s business.




Re: Studleigh and Chapman engines

When I run into a dead end on google etc, I start spelling incorrectly. Sometime it picks up extra information, as some very intelligent people have not been the best spellers. I first worked this trick out with the simple spell mistake “ deisel”