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Tackling the Tico 25hp


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Started in on the Tico that I purchased out of the Stoneboro park after it sat outside for 25 years. After app 16 hours of jacking, wacking and otherwise persuading I got the water cap and head off and the piston to move. I think I swung my right arm more than Surena Williams ever did at Wimbleton! Another couple hours of bumping it back and forth with the flywheels and a loosened rod cap had it ready to extract. The rings looked amazing and all came free with an hour or so of oiling and tapping with a plastic mallet. The piston and bore look great. I have since cleaned up the main bearings and the rod journal and have them shimmed properly. The mains were replaceable inserts instead of poured babbit and were in fine condition as was the rod brass. I do have some major repairs to do the head and water cap since they had been broken many years ago. Does anyone have any pics or literature on the small end of the Tico series engines? This one is a 25hp and I am hoping to find info on the oiler and governor. There are connections and clamps for 8 oil pipes. I am hoping the governor is a more conventional flyball style instead of the special "mushroom" style used on the larger Ticos. Bill Klein



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""" I think I swung my right arm more than Surena Williams ever did at Wimbleton! """ did not know you played tennis too..... :rolleyes: