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Tecumseh HS50 crank/flywheel question


Hi all, I've got a HS50-67073B that I am tinkering with. Most of my small engine experience has been with B&S models. I've noticed on this Tecumseh unit that the flywheel taper doesn't seem to be self locking. That is I mean to say when I have worked on B&S engines I have always had to put some effort into getting the flywheel off. However, the flywheel on this engine seems to fall right off as soon as I loosen the nut. Is this normal for this model? Thanks in advance for any input you have.


Ed Radtke

flywheel was probably over tightend at some time and enlarged the hole or was run loose and enlarged the hole.Is there any scoring in the hole bore? If so then thre is your answer.

Andrew Mackey

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If you run the engine, make sure the flywheel tapir is not cracked. Also, if the engine uses the wide aluminum key, be sure the right one is installed. There are 3 different keys, and they affect the timing. If the thin steel key is used, look for a hairline fracture alongside the edge of the bottom of the keyway, on the flywheel, :eek: and look for a deformity in the keyway on the crank itself.

Andrew :D